About Collaprime

Collaprime is a Finland-based technology company offering collaboration tools and services, helping to facilitate collaboration through visualization, bringing equality and ease of use into the design process.

Our vision is helping to create common vision for our clients in their projects for all the stakeholders.

We aim to boost productivity and communication between people in projects, encourage them to collaborate more and empower them to understand one another with no conflicts.

Our Solutions Serve

  • Building, infrastructure and industrial construction
  • Plants, factories, energy, natural resources, utilities and real estate
  • Governments, municipalities and cities
  • Owners, buyers, contractors, architects, engineers and designers
  • Universities – interdisciplinary collaborations
  • Consulting companies

Our Products Empower

  • Project initiation and briefing
  • Urban & infrastructure planning, executing and simulation
  • Project coordination and review
  • 3D and BIM visualizations
  • Design issues, layout and comments
  • Maintenance & logistics planning
  • Employee training, virtual tour of facilities

We focus on


Collaboration is essential to success, especially in large-scale projects such as construction. Collaprime creates better understanding that leads to better results.


Without full understanding, delays in decision-making are inevitable. Collaprime helps you avoid time and budget overruns, and additional rework


To facilitate communication, Collaprime has created a cost-effective, life-size collaboration system that supports user-oriented design methods.