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About Collaprime

Collaprime is a Finland-based technology company offering collaboration tools and services.

Collaprime provides Multiview immersive solutions and customized configurations bringing even greater value to VR environments.

Our solutions provide transformational awareness for organizations that need to optimize designs, unlock insights, speed products to market, and inform decision makers. With multiple viewer capability, they can vastly improve collaboration and workflow.

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Collaprime Services


Hardware, software, process and facilitation for visual collaboratin and user-oriented design & planning.

Workshop & Training

Demo environment for testing VR technology before moving on with the investment and training for operating the Collaprime solutions.


Technical and consultative support for the Collaprime product family.


Maintenance services for the Collaprime product family both on-site and remote.

Simple Solution for Everybody in the Industry

Life-Size Scaling

Our solutions are perfect tool for companies looking to perfect their products before incurring the costs of tooling, building and prototypes. By immersing decision makers into the actual computer-aided design (CAD) model, the lifelike environment 1:1 size produced by out platforms allows users to make intelligent and accurate decisions based on photorealistic images.

Greater Results

Solution has the ability to replace costly, static physical mock-ups for a fraction of the cost with greater results. Used as an internal design tool, as a communication tool between designers and end users/owners, as a marketing/presentation tool within and outside of an institution, as a training tool for safety/operations, and a sales tool for the prototyping and implementation of critical products/equipment.

Collaprime's CAVE in Kazakhstan

Collaprime Products


Collaprime’s CAVE is a room sized, advanced visualization solution that combines high-resolution, stereoscopic projection and 3D computer graphics to create a complete sense of presence in a virtual environment.


PowerWall is a large-scale, ultra-high resolution advanced visualization system which is integrated into facility’s interior.


Collaborate, present and research with Collaprime’s Curved technology.


An interactive display combining the ease and functionality of a touch screen with stunning 4K UHD resolution.

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