Success starts with a shared vision!

About Collaprime

Our Solutions Serve

  • Building, infrastructure and industrial construction
  • Plants, factories, energy, natural resources, utilities and real estate
  • Governments, municipalities and cities
  • Owners, buyers, contractors, architects, engineers and designers
  • Universities – interdisciplinary collaborations
  • Consulting companies

Our Products Empower

  • Project initiation and briefing
  • Urban & infrastructure planning, executing and simulation
  • Project coordination and review
  • 3D and BIM visualizations
  • Design issues, layout and comments
  • Maintenance & logistics planning
  • Employee training, virtual tour of facilities

We Focus On


Collaboration is essential to success, especially in large-scale projects such as construction. Collaprime creates better understanding that leads to better results.


Without full understanding, delays in decision-making are inevitable. Collaprime helps you avoid time and budget overruns, and additional rework.


To facilitate communication, Collaprime has created a cost-effective, life-size collaboration system that supports user-oriented design methods.

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